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Kindergartner spends day at wrong school: Girl, 5, spends day at wrong school

A kindergartner spends the day at the wrong school and fools everyone.This happened in upstate New York to a girl, 5, on Wednesday. Turns out the kindergartner enjoyed playing the role of a "new student" at a different school.

ABC News reported March 14 that Schenectady school district officials said when the girl got on the wrong bus, it was driven by a substitute driver.

So how did the kindergartner pull of spending the day at the wrong school? According to the report, the 5-year-old pretended that she was a new first grade student that teachers were expecting. Turns out the real first grader never showed up, so the girl enjoyed fooling everyone -- even answering to the first grader's name.

The whole thing was discovered when the kindergartner's mother called the school to let them know her daughter did not get off the bus in the afternoon. Luckily school officials were able to find her shortly thereafter.

The school is reviewing its procedures so this type of incident does not happen again.

It takes a clever and adventurous kindergartner who spends a day at the wrong school! At least everything turned out in the end and she was safe.

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