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Kindergartner spends day at wrong school: 5 y/o pretends to be 'new student'

A kindergartner spends the day at the wrong school and it makes headline news around the country. On March 14, People Magazine reported that a 5-year-old got on the wrong bus in Schenectady, New York and spent the day at a school that wasn't hers. The driver of said bus was a "substitute driver" and didn't recognize that the child wasn't a "usual" passenger.

"At the school, teachers were expecting a new first-grader and asked the girl if she was that student. The girl said she was and spent the day answering to the no-show first-grader's name," People Magazine reports.

The kindergartner spent the whole day at the wrong school without anyone batting an eyelash -- apparently this was sort of culmination of things that came together and allowed the child to go unnoticed. The irregular school bus driver coupled with the "new" student that was expected at the school made this mix up seem very normal. It wasn't until the end of the day that the girl's mom started panicking. Of course, prior to this, she believed her daughter had a regular day at school -- no word on how the child got on the wrong bus to begin with though.

The mom called the school after her daughter didn't get off the school bus. Her daughter was located and now the school district says its checking into the way things are done -- namely how they introduce new students and how their school bus procedures work.

More on the kindergartner that spent the day at the wrong school in the video above.

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