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Kindergarten readiness in developmentally appropriate classrooms

Young children in developmentally appropriate pre-kindergarten programs
Young children in developmentally appropriate pre-kindergarten programs
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Parents who have 4-year-olds are beginning to think about preparing their child for kindergarten, and early childhood education learning centers around the country are gearing up for registration in voluntary pre-kindergarten programs, or VPK programs. VPK programs are offered by almost every childcare center and private preschool. Will your child be ready for kindergarten?

Developmentally appropriate learning
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Voluntary pre-kindergarten programs must follow state guidelines for early childhood education. The standards have been raised for classrooms that provide pre-kindergarten education. Voluntary pre-kindergarten programs receive state funds to pay qualified staff to teach the classes. State approved curriculum and certified teachers are now required for early childhood centers that offer the voluntary pre-kindergarten classes. Parents who have been reluctant in the past to enroll their child in a voluntary pre-kindergarten program can be assured that their child will receive developmentally appropriate learning activities that do prepare them for kindergarten.

Registration for voluntary pre-kindergarten programs in Sarasota's many choices for early childhood education is beginning Monday, May 12. Busy parents do not often have the time to visit every center for a tour of the early childhood VPK program that the enter offers. The Early Learning Coalition of Sarasota is here to offer help in choosing a VPK for the summer and upcoming fall. Early childhood educators at the Early Learning Coalition have resources to help in choosing a program. Information about the many early childhood education centers can be accessed with one-stop-shopping at the Coalition. Ratings for each center are also available.

The Early Learning Coalition of Sarasota is located at 2886-C Ringling Blvd. in Sarasota. Parents who are interested in enrolling their 4-year-old in a quality pre-kindergarten in order to give them a great start in kindergarten for the following school year are encouraged to use the free resources provided by the Early Learning Coalition.

Registration details can be obtained by logging on at

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