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Kimye wedding drama: Rob Kardashian skips the wedding after fight with Kim

Rob Kardashian
Photo by Isaac Brekken/Getty Images

Today was the big wedding of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West but it didn't happen drama free. On Saturday, Rumor Fix shared the news that her brother Rob Kardashian was spotted getting off a plane in LA. It was obvious he didn't have time to see the entire wedding and skipped the big event. So far the family is not speaking out about what happened.

Reports are that Rob and Kim got into a fight and that is why he left. He has been very unhappy since he gained a lot of weight and things don't seem to be the same with Rob. He didn't say a word when he was spotted at the airport about what happened with Kim. He normally doesn't speak out about what is going on with his family.

E! Online shared a bit more about what happened today with the Kimye wedding. Rob was at all of the pre-wedding stuff this week in Paris, but missed the actual event. Rob never actually went from Paris to Florence for the wedding. It is not like he showed up and then bailed. The rest of the family was there and Kim even had Bruce Jenner walk her down the aisle today. North was there and her dress was made special to match her mom's dress. It sounds like a gorgeous wedding.

Kim had all of her sisters as part of the wedding party. It is pretty shocking that Rob would miss her wedding so you know something bad had to happen for him to bail on it. Kim has been saying all along that viewers would not see the wedding on their reality show but that they would see stuff before and after the wedding. You have to wonder if all of this drama will go down on "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" later this season when the wedding stuff airs. Reports are out that cameras were at the wedding and you can read more at this link.

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