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Kimye Vogue Cover Controversy | Why People are Really Mad

The Controversy of Kimye Cover

Let's just be honest, as beautiful as Kim Kardashian is (albeit her plastic surgery has changed her face and growing posterior), she is not Vogue material. She belongs on the cover of Cosmo, where conversation of new sex postions and What Drink are YOU quizzes is the most appropriate place for this queen of reality TV.

Vogue has been the fashion Bible since forever. Anna Wintour said that Kim Kardashian had no business on the cover of Vogue (or at the Met Gala). Well Kim Kardashian has done both. I say kudos to you girl, you have come a long way since your home video days.

Most people are angry because Kim has positively no place in Fashion.

This cover was decided on because of Conde Nast's need to sell more magazines. Those people who love Kim Kardashian do not usually pickup Vogue, her fans are Cosmo girls too. Print media has been having a tough time maintaining for years, even the Mama of Fashion, Vogue. So putting Kim Kardashian and Kanye West on the cover right before their wedding while they are uber trendy was a business decision.

Its sad when any media outlet has to sell out to maintain, but that is exactly what happened. I am sure that Vogue will lose subsriptions, Sarah Michelle Gellar tweeted that she would be cancelling her subscription, and asked who was with her? However, I am sure that many more subscriptions will be made and I am sure that this cover will sell OUT and will be difficult to find.

What say YOU about the real reason that people are mad about the Kimye Vogue Cover?

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