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Kimye Sell $11 Million Dollar Home, Never Moved In

Kim and Kanye Sell Home Worth $11 Million
Kim and Kanye Sell Home Worth $11 Million
Photo by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images

Kim K. and Kayne West have decided to sell their $11 million dollar home. Although they never officially moved into this house, their renovation overhaul has become too much for the love birds to handle.

The home was only bought a year ago, but it has been a year of constant renovations. Seems that Kimye were never satisfied with their renovation plans and kept changing them. Omg! I bet the contractor for this renovation was so over it!

Their unrealistic quest to keep up… has made them give up. I guess keeping up with the latest appliances, home gadgets, and color palettes can be a tad bit overwhelming.

Somebody should have told Kim and Kanye about HGTV. But then again, they may not be aware that TV shows without either of them on it exists.

Oh well, Kimye have started looking at new real estate endeavors. They are eye-balling a high rise apartment in New York City, in the price range of a mere $20 million dollars. I guess it’s just another day in the life of Kimye.

Not sure why the couple needs such fancy digs when they have barely seen each other since their overly hyped wedding in May.

Sources report that Kim and Kanye have spent about two weeks together since being hitched about 6 weeks ago. The Kimye romance may be drying out quicker than what Vegas had bet on.

Let’s hope that Kim and Kanye find the house of their dreams with all the latest gadgets and that their romance remains full of the hot air…oops! I meant the hot love that we have all watched grow and blossom.

Best wishes to the Kim and Kanye on finding their next home.

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