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Kimberly McCullough set to exit 'General Hospital' again

Kimberly McCullough
Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

"General Hospital" fans span several generations. Grandmothers watched it with their grandchildren and mothers with their children. Soap operas used to be a family affair. Kimberly McCullough has been Robin Scorpio for decades. She landed the role at the age of seven and has come and gone ever since. For the last year McCullough has been off and on the show because the story line allowed her to film when she could. According to a Jan. 19 report from Daytime Confidential, Kimberly McCullough will be exiting the role of Robin Scorpio again in order to focus on her directing career. Fans are disappointed with the news because it feels like she just returned to Port Charles.

Kimberly McCullough holds one of the most loved roles on "General Hospital." Her re-entry came during a hiuge story line and there isn't a clear resolution yet. Robin Scorpio just reunited with her husband and daughter only to leave again? There is not any information available about how the exit will happen, but McCullough hinted fans would be upset. There will be an open end allowing her to return in the future, but nothing has been said about how it all will play out.

"General Hospital" has had stellar ratings over the last year. Writers brought back several of the older characters that remained favorites among fans including Lucy Coe, Bobbie Jones, and Scotty Baldwin. It will be sad to see Kimberly McCullough exit the canvas but fans remain hopeful that she will return again soon.

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