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Kimberly Cole exceeds her reputation with release of 'The Prelude EP'

Kimberly Cole exceeds her reputation with release of 'The Prelude EP'
Kimberly Cole exceeds her reputation with release of 'The Prelude EP'
Kimberly Cole (MMPK)

Kimberly Cole has a grind that is impeccable. The Southern California native was fresh out of the studio before adding the finishing touches to her latest EP "The Prelude." From the sound of her voice, you would think Kimberly just won an Academy Award, but she was just stoked to tell me about the new direction her project was taking.

Kim, a singer, songwriter and dancer vowed to herself that she would pour her heart out to her fans on her new album, "I want to show how I have grown up and talk about my experiences these past few years, because a lot has happened." Coles last album, Bad Girls Club, with her ‘pretty girl will hurt you’ "Smack You" in 2010 gave Kim the opportunity to shine and show off all her talents with an established audience-a up and coming pop star dream situation.

This time around the cards are played differently and fast forward four years later, Kimberly realizes she is no longer a newbie and has to prove she deserves pop princess. Kim hopes to satisfy her fans with her new urban pop sound releasing her first single “Found Better.” “I am working with a lot of hot DJ’s from around the country and want my sound to be unique.” She wouldn’t dish too much about her inspiration for the piece, but said it was some “close friend” betrayal going on.

All six tracks on the collection flow smoothly telling you a little more about Kimberly’s personality from song to song. We are heated up for the first three jams of the collection with the most impressive song next to “Found Better,” is the sassy lyrics in “Wind Up Dead.” ‘That bullsh**t pumping from your lips, it’s no hiding it’ reminds you Kim’s no easy pushover.

Kim finishes with “Cruel,” “Let Me Go” and “Everything,” letting us know she is handling life as it comes and has grown from all the lessons thrown at her.

From the looks of it, Kimberly is well on her way to becoming more than that girl we met four years ago. She is a woman to be reckoned with. We can’t wait to see the first visual from The Prelude EP and what she working on in the future.

Check out The Prelude EP and the sneak peek visual!