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Kim Zolciak tweets photo of no makeup, no wig to fans

Just say no to makeup and wig
Kim Zolciak / Twitter

Kim Zolciak had the fans curious to what she looks like without all her makeup and her fancy wigs. The popular reality star might not be causing any drama at the moment she definitely had people wondering just how she looks when she isn’t looking like a princess. On Friday the celebrity shared a picture of herself makeup free and the fans were surprised. According to Babble on Friday, the star looks incredibly happy showing off what a beautiful body.

“No wig no makeup today!!! Me everyday these days!” tweeted Kim Zolaciak. Attaching a picture, the star was wearing her hair up and she didn’t have any makeup. She took the picture in the bathroom in front of the sink so fans could see her from the waist up.

There was plenty of feedback from people who saw the picture and it was almost all positive. People sharing how good the star looked and how thin she was in the shot. Never one to pass up a compliment, the star thanked everyone for weighing in on her looks.

Kim Zolciak has been very busy with her family. Currently she has a daughter who she shared went to prom and then she also offers up pictures of her baby. With so much going on in the household, it sounds like she doesn’t always have the time to put on makeup and do her hair perfectly.

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