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Kim Zolciak selfie 4-months post twins: Mother of six looks like super model

Kim Zolciak's Instagram picture shows a post-baby body like no other, especially after just four months!
Kim Zolciak/ Instagram

Kim Zolciak’s latest Instagram picture looks so good that you may think its Photoshopped, but it's not. Up until today, one might think that no one could look this good only four months after giving birth to twins, but she does. It’s all Zolciak in that photo, as she posted the results of her hard work of diet and exercise after giving birth to twins, according to Wet Paint on March 26.

While pregnant, the former “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star looked wonderful. Today, you would never know she just gave birth to twins, which now makes her a mother of six. Not only is her stomach looking ab-worthy, but her backside is rounded in almost Kim-Kardashian shape, but smaller. Her selfie is posted above this article.

Donned in yoga pants and lifting her shirt up just enough to see her midriff, Zolciak’s full-length selfie has a caption that reads:

“I think I see an ab!!!! hey after 6 kids I'll take it!!”

Twins Kaia Rose and Kane Ren were born in November and out of her six kids, she had four of them in the last three years. KJ and Kash were born before the new set of twins. She has a right to be proud of looking so hot, and sharing it online.

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