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Kim Zolciak’s daughter rushed to hospital; injured from being hit in the face

Kim Zolciak
Photo by Craig Barritt

Kim Zolciak’s fans were very worried on Saturday night when they heard the news that the reality star’s daughter was being rushed to the hospital. The former “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” star has her own spin-off show “Don’t be Tardy” and she is still very much part of the reality world. Sharing that she was called as her daughter Brielle , 17, was being transported to the hospital, the star waited with her other children and the people who work on her show. According to Babble on Sunday, the teenager was hurt, but there was no concussion from the injury to the face.

Apparently her daughter Brielle got hit in the face with a sign and needed stitches for the injury, but her parents decided to use glue instead (with the help of the doctor of course.) While the night must have been long for the mother, the worry had to be over the top as fans know Kim loves her family. Of course everyone would expect nothing less as Kim always talks about her priorities and that is family first.

So what did this injury look like? After getting home, it appears that Brielle wanted to share just how tough her face was (or maybe how bad the nose really looked.) Taking a close up photo, the picture posted on Twitter offers a look at a pretty bad injury across the top of the bridge of her nose. The injury looks painful, but definitely isn't life threatening.

The details surrounding the injury weren't shared, but every parent knows the dread that come with getting a call when your child is injured. The stomach starts to churn and the worst images of what might have happened are seen in the mind’s eye. Luckily for Brielle and Kim, it’s only going to be a small wound that over time will completely heal.

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