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Kim Zolciak loses 50 pounds with diet supplement and daily hour of cardio

Kim Zolciak loses 50 pounds.
Kim Zolciak loses 50 pounds.
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Former "Real Housewives of Atlanta" cast member Kim Zolciak initially insisted that she restored her pre-baby body quickly because of genetics. Now, however, she's getting real about how she lost 50 pounds, and it involved a combination of diet supplements and cardio, reported E Online on Jan. 30.

"I gained 50 pounds with the twins," said Kim, referring to babies Kaia Rose and Kane Ren.

But she took off all that weight and now slips into clothes "between a size 2 and a size 4." It only took her three months after giving birth.

So what's the secret of her extreme weight loss?

"I take Xenadrine for energy to work out and do an hour of cardio each day," Kim admitted.

How safe is the weight loss supplement Xenadrine? WebMD reports that it's one of the most popular diet supplements in the United States. The FDA considers it a "nutritional supplement" rather than a drug.

The original version includes ephedrine, derived from the ephedra plant. This ingredient boosts your metabolism to break down fat cells faster while reducing the appetite.

Since adverse publicity came out about ephedrine, the company has reformulated it to create different versions. There's one version that is caffeine-free (Cytogenix Laboratories Xenadrine Ultra Caffeine Free) and also a drink mix variety (Xenadrine Instant Drink Mix Packets).

After the birth of her first baby, Kim said that breastfeeding and a healthy diet helped her restore her pre-baby body, according to Hollywood Life.

“I think breast-feeding helped me lose some weight, and I was really busy as soon as I got home with Kash," Kim said.

“I don’t eat red meat or pork or much dairy, and I always eat in moderation,” she added.

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