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Kim Zolciak impostor makes everyone think she is Team Kenya

Kim Zolciak
Kim Zolciak
Photo by Moses Robinson

Kim Zolciak has been stay quiet on the Kenya Moore and Porsha Williams brawl, but now an impostor has everyone thinking she is Team Kenya. On Thursday, Wet Paint shared about all of the confusion that went down. In reality Kim hasn't said a word yet but a fake Twitter account did and now everyone thinks she spoke out. Kenya even fell for it.

During the reunion show for "The Real Housewives of Atlanta," Kenya and Porsha got into a huge fight. Now everyone wants to know who is on what team. A fake Twitter account that it looks like it belongs to Kim Zolciak shared that they are Team Kenya. Right after the show Kenya said, "Thank you @Kimzolciak for your compassion and sensibility and support. There is no grey area when it comes to violence."

Fans were quick to let her know that it wasn't Kim who said that at all and was really a fake account. In reality if you check Kim's page she hasn't said who she is supporting or how she feels about it. So far she has been really quiet about the entire situation. It is probably smart of her to stay out of it. Her show "Don't Be Tardy" will be coming back for a third season and she doesn't need any bad press.

Cynthia Bailey did share that she is Team Kenya though. She said that she does not condone violence of any kind. She didn't actually speak out and say that she was supporting Kenya Moore either though. It has been interesting to see how everyone is taking sides on this one. It is obvious they all have mixed feelings.

Don't miss new episodes of "RHOA" on Sunday nights on Bravo. This drama has been crazy. Rumors are everyone might not be back next season.