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2014 Winter Olympics

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Kim Yuna offers an example for Catholics? Olympic figure skater prays on ice

Kim Yuna took the lead at the Sochi Olympics just like she expected to do during the Olympic ladies figure skating competition. The champion of the ice was the gold medal winner in the Vancouver Olympics and she offered a strong first program in Sochi as well. The figure skater obviously knows her strengths and can clearly showcase her talents for the world to see. As ABC News reported on Wednesday that the athlete is a leader on the ice, but there is a little detail that has Catholics holding up the figure skater as an example to the faith. She publicly prays or makes the sign of the cross on the ice at almost every figure skating event.

According to the North Carolina Register on Tuesday, Kim converted to the Catholic faith alongside her mother in 2008. Her work around the world has helped both Catholics as well as other folks as she has offered her star power and given financial contributions to help others.

However it might be the prayers she brings to the ice that offers people the biggest reason to consider her an example to her faith. Unwilling to hiding her religion, her moment with God before a program is easily seen around the rink. Off the ice rink she is equally strong and everything she does appears to have a purpose.

At her baptism, Kim Yuna took the name “Stella” after Mary, Star of the Sea. Offering a promise to God she continues to “pray always,” especially before competitions. Seeing the praying at competitions might be offensive to some folks, but to Kim Yuna it’s the only way she starts her program.

Did you catch her prayer at the Olympics? Because of NBC’s agreement with the IOC there is no footage of the moment, but take a look at the video clip of a recent performance of the star to check out her ritual.

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