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2014 Winter Olympics

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Kim Yu-na against Polina Edmunds? Sochi Olympics figure skating is fierce

Polina Edmunds
Polina Edmunds
Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

When the figure skaters for Team USA hits the ice at the 2014 Sochi Olympics, the competition is going to be fierce. One athlete everyone will be watching is Kim Yu-na from South Korea. The 23-year-old Olympic champion is looking to defend her title. Team USA doesn't seem to mind the challenge and is getting ready for what some say will be a showdown on the ice. According to NBC Bay Area on Monday, Olympic hopeful Polina Edmunds is not focusing on any competitors nor is she worried about the security. The athlete is fine-tuning her routine at the San Jose, California ice rink before leaving for Russia.

Using the same rink that she did when she was two years old, the figure skater is practicing for her time in the spotlight, but Polina Edmunds isn't worried about what comes before or after her routine. In fact the grace and calmness found on the ice is what has people surprised about her talent.

“To go there for the Olympics is cool,” said Polina Edmunds about the Olympic experience. “Being Russian, to just experience this back there is just awesome.”

While the figure skaters on Team USA are ready for their turn on the ice, it’s extra special for Polina Edmunds as she is Russian. Looking to make herself known in the skating world, the athlete feels like this is a perfect place to shine. Her teammates Ashley Wagner and Gracie Gold also are expected to do well.

As for Kim Yu-na, the bookies are placing their money on the Korean figure skater once again to win the gold. Looking to defend her title, this most likely will be her final competition on a world level. Will she win? Not if Polina Edmunds or Team USA has anything to say about it.

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