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Kim poolside: Kim Kardashian takes selfie poolside with no Kanye in sight

Kim Kardashian can't give enough of herself in poolside selfies!
Kim Kardashian can't give enough of herself in poolside selfies!
Instagram/ Kim Kardashian

Hey everybody, look at me! Kim Kardashian shows off her killer bikini body while lounging by the poolside in Mexico and she shares her image with her 16 million Instagram followers. Kim took this selfie by putting her hands up behind her to capture the view from above. She awards her fans with a full-body photo of her skimpy black bikini, suggests News Oxy on July 20.

So where is Kim in this poolside picture that seems to scream, hey everybody look at me? She is at the "Girls Gone Wild" founder's home in Mexico. Her good friend Joe Francis owns this resort home in Mexico, which is the same spot that Kanye and Kim spent the second leg of their honeymoon.

When Kim hit 16 million on Instagram she was thrilled and decided to celebrate by giving her fans new pictures of herself doing what she does best, putting an image out there that will saturate the online-world. Kim writes about her 16 million followers as a milestone that makes her "soooo happy." She promised pictures and she delivered, according to DB Techno.

It is not known where Kanye and baby West were while Kim had some alone time near the pool, but she posted a couple of pictures, to give her fans a good idea of just how hard at work she was at this particular time. It took some effort to raise that device over her head and snap a photo that she would deem good enough to post for her fans. You can see Kim's latest bikini photos here with all the other Kim Kardashian Instagram pictures.

Kim is one hot commodity in her own right, as she is a woman without any known talents other than allowing herself to be monitored by cameras day and night for her reality show "Keeping Up with the Karrdashians." While others have done this before Kim and others have done it since the day this reality show became popular, Kim has done just one thing different than all the rest.

She has pushed the boundaries on what most people would feel comfortable sharing about themselves with the public. Fans have seen Kim and her sisters do some pretty incredible things as well as some pretty disgusting acts during the reality show. While there are too many incidents to say which one event topped them all, there is one incident that really pushed the envelope for even her die-hard fans.

As reported by Us Weekly, last year Kourtney and Kim had a vagina smell-off contest. This started when Kourtney said that a vagina is better smelling if you drink pineapple juice and the two sisters put this to a test. They drank pineapple juice for several days and Khloe was the judge of which of her sisters' vaginas smelled better than the other.

They wiped themselves with a towel and Khloe smelled both. After giving a description of how each sisters' private parts smelled, a winner was picked. Apparently Kim won, but Kourtney wasn't too happy about it. This was called one of the most "perverse" ways to entertain themselves by Us Weekly, who also called it "gross." Other media outlets described this as just plain disgusting.

This is the type of surprises that the show "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" offers and this keeps folks coming back for more. It is as if there is no cap on what Kim and her sisters might do to entice the audience into coming back for more.

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