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Kim Pham arrest: Woman charged with assault in deadly club fight, video reviewed

Kim Pham and possible arrests in her case have continued to trend in the news this week after it was confirmed that the beautiful 23-year-old female — who was brutally beaten outside a club in a deadly fight — has been removed from life support. A 20-something woman has since been confirmed to be arrested on charges of assault with a deadly weapon and causing extreme bodily harm. Four other suspects are also being reviewed along with video footage that caught some of the violent attack, the NY Daily News reveals this Tuesday, Jan. 21, 2014.

Photo of Kim Phan, Facebook
Facebook Photo File, VX Press

The Kim Pham arrest resulted in a single woman being taken into police custody this Tuesday on serious criminal charges. Only hours after a new video of the shocking footage was revealed — amid police trying to search for the female victim’s attackers — it was confirmed that Pham was brain dead and being taken off of life support. The beating left the woman in a coma by Saturday morning, and on Tuesday, she was officially declared dead.

A brief video from a stray cell phone also show a crowd circling around Pham while the young woman was brutally punched and kick to the ground, right outside Santa Ana’s The Crosby Bar late on Friday night.

The video came to public attention after law enforcement officials said that a full $5,000 award was being offered for any tips that would lead to the capture of four primary suspects — two men as well as two women — that were seen involved in the violent brawl.

According to the Kim Pham arrest report and the reviewed statement from a witness named Jason:

“Police have already arrested one woman in her 20s and charged her with assault with a deadly weapon and causing great bodily harm. But one man, who claims he witnessed the 12:20 a.m. brawl outside the club, says the video does not tell the whole story ... Jason, 23, says he was four people behind Pham and a group of more than a dozen of her friends who were waiting in line to get into the club. As five people left the nightspot, the two groups brushed against each other in passing - sparking the deadly clash.”

The witness went on to say that Pham and the other female involved in the brutal fight outside the nightclub were soon on the ground, struggling against each other, throwing punches and pulling one another’s hair. Others then got involved in the brawl as well. A stray kicker then appeared, delivering a finishing blow with a massive kick to the temple. It is not confirmed whether this is the woman among the four suspects being charged with assault and causing bodily harm. Pham was then alleged to have fallen “completely lifeless” to the ground after the blow.

“On Monday, friends and family gathered at a memorial set up where Pham was attacked and beaten.”

The video continues to be reviewed as the police search for these assailants; justice is hoped to be found.

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