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Kim Pham arrest: One woman in custody, victim's family says their goodbyes

Reports indicate there has been one Kim Pham arrest, and authorities are still looking for the other four people involved in beating the young woman Saturday. The Daily News shared the latest information on Jan. 20.

One Kim Pham arrest has been made, authorities search for four others
Screencap via YouTube

Kim Pham was standing outside a Santa Ana nightclub, The Crosby, when an altercation took place. The 23-year-old was severely beaten by a group of five people. Though authorities have not released the young woman's identity or condition, the family has opened up about the details.

Pham's sister, Kate Nguyen, has shared some heartbreaking information on Facebook. She has indicated that Kim is on life support at this point solely to be able to be an organ donor. At this time friends and family are coming together at the hospital to say their goodbyes as the authorities continue to search for the perpetrators involved.

Reports indicate that Pham got into some kind of argument outside The Crosby around 12:20 a.m. Saturday. The argument led to a physical altercation, and those involved beat Pham until she was unconscious. Some people even videotaped the vicious assault, and police hope the footage will help them find those responsible.

There has been one Kim Pham arrest of a woman in her 20s. The five suspects ran after the assault, and the other four remain unidentified. The people in the group are described as being Hispanic and between 20 and 25 years old. The family is spreading the word about the tragic incident with the hope that someone will have leads about the others involved.

The woman in custody via the Kim Pham arrest faces charges of causing great bodily harm and assault with a deadly weapon. It would seem likely additional charges may be ahead as well. Those following the story hope the others are arrested soon as well.

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