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Kim Novak lit up Twitter with 'stiff' looks: Irony seen with 'Frozen' Oscar

Kim Novak at Oscars 2014, lights up Twitter after "frozen" and "stiff" appearence.
Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Kim Novak was slammed on Twitter after her startling appearance at the Oscars 2014, which is being referred to as “stiff” and "frozen" in looks today. It is too bad she has to experience this type of cruelty at 81-years-old.

According to Fox News on March 2, the jokes were abundant once Novak graced the stage. Ironically, she announced the Oscar win for the movie “Frozen,” which was pointed out in the comment section of Fox.

Novak was a sex symbol over a half of a century ago and she has aged. Along with age comes changes and whether those changes were made by nature or those changes were made at the hands of a plastic surgeon, she deserves respect.

It was Novak’s stiff movements and her struggle to speak that sent bashing assumptions of plastic surgery across the social media world. It could be that Novak has suffered a stroke in the past or she has some type of medical condition, which is what another person suggested who commented on Fox.

Granted, she did have the look of plastic surgery tightening the skin on her face. She was nowhere near as procedure blatant as Joan River’s sometimes cat-like appearance, but she may have had some face enhancing plastic surgery.

If Novak’s “frozen” appearance was due to plastic surgery people could have been kinder. Think what it must have been like for Novak, who was a sex symbol in her heyday and now decades later she steps out on stage again looking so much older. She was from the era where at 25, you were at the end of your career as a sex symbol.

Many would love to see the Hollywood icons age naturally, but the pressure remains too high to look youthful. It has come to a point where some of the elderly of tinsel town are emerging with a look of a new species, many with cat-like eyes and frozen lips.

Twitter was lit up with jokes on Novak’s appearance and that was just cruel, after all, what viewers were seeing could be the symptoms of a medical problem. While it is more likely that the culprit of Kim appearing “stiff” was due to plastic surgery, she still deserved respect.

Steve Bush @BushSteve writes on Twitter:

"Anybody find the irony in Kim Novak announcing the Oscar win for frozen?"

Others took to Twitter to throw creative jabs Novak's way, but then there were some who defended the way she looked, as jg @JustinGlawe posts:

"For everyone making fun of Kim Novak, her walk was reminiscent of someone who has recently suffered a stroke."

If that was your grandmother, you wouldn't want her the brunt of the Twitter jokes that surrounded Novak last night.

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