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Kim Novak, get thee to a Volunteerism or Charity Job

Old Lady in Hollywood, get thee to a service oriented job
Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images

So last night, many women over the age of sixty felt they were being ostracized by the big bad Hollywood machine. I can think of many homeless women who would have traded places with those Botox-injected, self-absorbed whining morons in a heartbeat.

Ok, baby, if it is indeed so horrible to be an old lady in Hollywood then go be an old lady somewhere else. Kim Novak, you have money and a name, go travel to some foreign land where maybe you can find some sort of volunteer work that doesn’t require you to have plastic surgery or look like a Barbie doll. This is absolute and utter nonsense and I am so happy my own Grandmother, aged gracefully, and spent the last twenty years of her life giving back to her community. Helping her friends and running the meals on wheels program for Roe Jan County and volunteering at The Roe Jan Library.

If no one appreciates you or needs you perhaps it is time to move to another location where you are appreciated. According to Amanda Ness of Slate magazine:

“Hollywood may value youth above all else, but as we learned last night, there’s nothing sorrier than an older woman who tries to look young. Because Minnelli’s face has been nipped, lifted, and filled, even the nice-to-a-fault DeGeneres joked that Minnelli has been reduced to an imitation of herself. (The line registered as offensive to both Minnelli and the trans community). And 81-year-old Vertigo star Kim Novak—who was roundly mocked for turning up onstage, two decades after her last movie, exhibiting extensive plastic surgery—might as well be dead. As comedian Rob Delaney cruelly joked: “Will they have time to edit Kim Novak into the In Memoriam section?” Even Matthew McConaughey’s mother, who last night aspired only to the role of proud parent, was eviscerated for rocking a keyhole-neck gown that gave the world a peek at her cleavage, which apparently only young women are allowed to possess. Twitter commentators deemed the view “leathery,” “ancient,” “inappropriate,” and “terrifying.”

If I were one of those leathery women, I would have gracefully left that environment and gone to help the starving children elsewhere in the world. Why do ya’ll put up with this treatment? You deserve better, far better than this.

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