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Kim Novak at the Oscars

Lovely and talented Kim Novak
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Man are we a cruel and unkind group of people.

Disclosure- this column did not watch the awards ceremony. First of all, Ellen....

Why sit through filler and fawning? Anything of note can be found on the Internet within minutes of the occurrence, thus sparing the smart viewer from hours of ennui.

Technology trumps tedium.

Or Ellen ordering pizza.

Plus, most of the winners were correctly predicted before the broadcast began.

This column was watching MM excel on HBO in True Detective, which is either brilliant or clichéd. Still to be determined.

Just a quick aside. Sorry American Hustle. This was not the year to be nominated for anything. You collectively and individually were great. This is not to be construed as disrespecting those who actually won- just acknowledging that with different competition, this film and actors would have triumphed in at least a few categories.

But we digress.

Back to topic and Kim Novak.

Apparently people sitting at home, were upset about the 81 year-old actress.

According to a tsunami of tweets, Novak appeared stiff and disoriented. She was ridiculed unmercifully on social media.

She is an octogenarian, who starred in Vertigo in addition to many other films and battled cancer.

Sheesh, everyone’s a critic.

Now change out of your bathrobe.....

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