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Kim likely to face charges for human atrocities

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North Korean leader Kim Jong Un received a letter from United Nations investigators warning him that he and others in his government may face criminal charges for atrocities against thousands of citizens. The atrocities were comparable to those committed against Jewish citizens by the Nazis in Europe under Hitler, according to Reuters, Feb. 17, 2014.

Under Kim's leadership, citizens were starved, tortured and murdered. The public rebuke of Kim by international investigators is unprecedented but not unanticipated in consideration of the belligerent and widespread torture inflicted upon innocent people under KIm's leadership.

In recent months the International Community has been pressuring Kim to curtail his nuclear weapons program and tone down his altercations with South Korean and western leaders. It is feared among some sources that the United Nation's investigators' letter to Kim may set back the International Community's efforts to influence Kim's behavior. However, most sources, including Michael Kirby of the International Commission of Inquiry, believe that the atrocities warrant the investigation despite the risks because they "shock the consciousness of humanity."

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