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Kim Kardashian worried about reality show? Report suggests ratings plummeting

Kim Kardashian worried about ratings on her reality show?
Kim Kardashian worried about ratings on her reality show?
Photo by Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images

Kim Kardashian and the rest of the Kardashian family might be back from the lavish wedding, but it appears that the family has a new concern about their reality show “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” on the E! Network. According to Radar Online on Sunday, the family is looking at sliding ratings and it could be an issue in the future.

As fans watch each week, the family offers up their slice of life with plenty of drama and Hollywood glamour. Of course, the sparkle of being rich and famous never seems to grow old for the reality family who have cameras following them around. However, with the stars continuously catching the headlines, it seems the fans are tiring of hearing about the family.

Apparently the June season nine premiere ratings were down 28% for the viewing demographic in the 14-49 age category. This important viewership is why the advertisers sign on to display their products and without the key viewers, there might be impending issues surrounding the family’s impression on the current trends and the world of entertainment.

So will this worry the Kardashian family? It’s doubtful that the family is worried about much of anything right now. Building up an empire on their celebrity status, there is no doubt that Kim Kardashian along with her sisters could call it quits tomorrow and still live a lavish lifestyle. The reality stars that this number concerns would be Kris Jenner and the E! Network as it signals that the reality stars have lost their pull with the fans. Or perhaps just have hit the headlines a few too many times over the past month and put off fans who might have otherwise watched the premiere of the reality show.

“Keeping Up With the Kardashians” airs Sunday night on the E! Network. Kim Kardashian along with the rest of the family offer a glimpse of their lives while living in Southern California.