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Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West went biking in Ireland

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Kim Kardashian West and her husband Kanye West have left Ireland on May 29, 2014, by private jet. Radar Online reports that they took along a bag of lucky shamrocks to dry and preserve as a memento.

They allegedly had a wonderful honeymoon, doing some fun things. On Wednesday, they went of the Ballyhoura Bike Tour. Fermal Somers told Radar Online that they received a call alerting them that six VIPs wanted to do some biking on the trails. So, at 8 a.m., Kim, Kanye, and four others rented bikes and hired a tour guide to explore the mountains and wildlife.

Fermal said, “They were in total awe about the wildlife. They hadn’t experienced that before and how the trails were situated in the environment and how sustainable it was around the infrastructure. There was no sign of harm given the surrounding commercialism. They were in awe at the beauty of the whole area.

Kim and Kanye allegedly never have done much biking. According to Fermal, they were going around a bend too fast and took a tumble. Luckily, they landed in a wet spot, which cushioned their fall. Their clothes became muddy and wet, but they took it in stride and laughed about it.

When they came to the shamrock fields, they tried to find leprechauns and four-leaf clovers, but both were illusive to the newlyweds. However, the couple did see birds, mountain hares, foxes, a swarm of honey bees, six different species of butterflies and a young doe and her calf, while on the bike tour.