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Kim Kardashian warns Khloe: Kanye's without baggage and she wants same for Khloe

Khloe Kasdashian gets warning from sister Kim about French Montana and his restless ways.
Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Kim Kardashian had some words of warning for her sister Khloe over the man she’s sporting about town, French Montana. While Kim’s warning sounds like sisterly advice, the reason behind the warning has something to do with Kanye’s lack of baggage that she wants Khloe to ponder, according to MSN Wonderwall on April 15.

Kim said that Kanye doesn’t have any family problems or past relationships that hold him back from completely loving her, and she wants the same for Khloe. Apparently Kim sees French as a man with family problems or past relationships that still haunt him.

Maybe that’s because his ex-wife has made no bones about sharing her tale of woe with the media lately. It is a legitimate heartbreak if her side of the story rings true. It seems that she helped French with his journey to fame, but as soon as he arrived, he seemed to forget all about her and their four-year-old son. His wife Deen Kharbouch said about French, whose real name is Karim Kharbouch:

"He and I worked together to put him where he is. As soon as he popped, it was as if Kruz and I didn't exist," Deen complained to the tab. "He practically abandoned us. … She has to be careful. Things are not what they seem."

Wow, Khloe is not only getting warnings from Kim, her sister, but the guy’s wife. While they are estranged, the two are still married. Apparently Montana's most recent romance was with rapper Trina. She is also feeling used after finding out about his new relationship with Khloe. She feels “played,” according to TMZ today.

The track record for French isn’t looking so good today. Kim and the rest of the Kardashian clan have a right to be concerned about Khloe. The scars from her failed marriage are still fresh and anyone who follows the Kardashian family knows how much of herself that Khloe gave to Lamar. She really loved that guy. French sounds like he has already left a trail of broken hearts and no one wants Khloe to be the next one on the list.

Khloe and French were seen on two consecutive nights last week having dinner in well-known eateries. French joined Khloe for a double date with Kourtney and Scott Disick over the weekend. While neither one are saying just how into this relationship the two have traveled, it is not looking like a casual thing today.

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