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Kim Kardashian Vogue cover controversy: Vogue readers speak out

The comments from loyal readers of Vogue magazine about Anna Wintour’s decision to  put Kim Kardashian on the cover are almost as controversial as the April cover.  Find out what Vogue readers are saying and why their comments are making front page news.
The comments from loyal readers of Vogue magazine about Anna Wintour’s decision to put Kim Kardashian on the cover are almost as controversial as the April cover. Find out what Vogue readers are saying and why their comments are making front page news.
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Not only is the controversial April cover of Vogue with Kim Kardashian making news, the comments from long-time subscribers of Vogue are making headlines too. On March 23, many news outlets including Yahoo News, The Daily Beast, News 92, and The Business of Cinema, deemed the comments from loyal Vogue readers newsworthy enough to devote entire articles to their complaints, questions and criticism of the magazine they once held in such high esteem.

Readers made scathing remarks about Vogue, Kim Kardashian, Kanye West who appears on the cover with Kim, and about Vogue’s editorial director, Anna Wintour. See Kim Kardashian Covers April Vogue: Kanye Finally Makes Kim’s Dream Come True. Examples and a discussion of some of the most common criticisms and complaints appear below.

Readers Feel Vogue Has Lowered Its Standards and Lost Its Reputation

The New York Times once proclaimed as “the world's most influential fashion magazine." However, the majority of Vogue’s readers (well as many people in the fashion industry) now feel that by putting someone of Kim Kardashian’s caliber on the cover, Vogue has lowered its standards and lost its stellar reputation, as indicated by the comments below.

I'm sorry but these two cheapen the Vogue brand, what a bad move on their part.

By Vogue lowering its standards this way they have become just like any other newsstand rag-mag. No one will ever look at the magazine the same or take Vogue serious ever again.

This cover will hurt Vogue's reputation as the bible of fashion.

Vogue is supposed to be the world's most influential fashion magazine. Kanye West and Kim Kardashian don't belong on the cover and never will.

Kim and Kanye would have been better suited for the cover of Playboy. Vogue was always considered to be very classy. There goes your credibility.

Vogue is now officially in the class of The National Enquirer - total GARBAGE.

Backlash from Readers leads to Cancelled Subscriptions

Thousands of Vogue subscribers have gone on record as saying that they are cancelling their subscriptions. Other loyal readers who regularly purchased newsstand copies say they won’t be buying the magazine anymore. Most feel that the integrity and high standards of the magazine have been seriously compromised by featuring Kim and Kanye on the cover as indicated by the comments below.

Vogue has scraped from the bottom of the barrel to grace their cover, I will now boycott their magazine from here on out.

I was a Vogue reader since I was about 10! My mother was an avid Vogue reader. I take it very seriously! I'm 38 now... And my mother is pisssssssed off! I have never been so shocked! Everyone I know of has canceled.

Canceling my Vogue subscription also. Who the eff wants a reality star/video sex star on a fashion mag. No one.

I am seriously thinking of canceling my subscription since she's paying tribute to this trashy woman and her megalomaniac narcissist of a partner.

It's a sad day in Vogue’s history. They have gone the way of the celebrity trash magazine. Once thought of as a magazine of taste and class they have lost their credibility, their reputation and their subscribers

Readers Question Kim Kardashian’s Reputation and Moral Character

Most of the complaints about Kim Kardashian being on the April cover center around her bad reputation, her poor moral values, her questionable taste in fashion, and her lack of real talent. A significant number of readers mentioned Kim’s sex tape, her 72-day marriage, getting pregnant with Kanye’s baby before she was divorced, hiring herself out as a paid escort to an elderly billionaire while engaged to Kanye, and more.

I don't see why she would even be considered to be on the COVER? She's not an actress, model or anything related.. She only became famous cause of her sex tape.. So what does that say about Vogue?

"Strength of character" - you mean getting pregnant by someone not her husband and going on paid dates with old men while you're engaged and have a kid? Yeah, a real class act there.

This is a disgrace... a PAID ESCORT/ PORNO STAR on the cover of Vogue!!!! See Kim Kardashian Sex Tape Valued at $30 Million Dollars by Porn Producer + photos

Vogue personifies high fashion and class, and people are upset because Kim Kardashian is the epitome of tackiness. Her claim to fame is from making a sex tape with Ray Jay. . . See Kim Kardashian’s History of Using Men – Part 2 - Sex Tape Partner Ray J

Kim has No Talent, No Class, NO Morals. Vogue has turned into a Hollywood gossip RAG with Kim on it.

Vogue Readers Feel Anna Wintour Sold Them Out

While many Vogue readers directed their anger at Kim Kardashian and her reputation, others directed their wrath at Vogue’s editorial director, Anna Wintour and question her true motives and judgement for putting Kim and Kanye in the once-prestigious magazine. See Kim Kardashian Covers April Vogue: Kanye Finally Makes Kim’s Dream Come True

They take issue with Anna’s editorial statement defending her decision to put the allegedly “most talked about couple in the world” controversial couple on Vogue’s cover. They also disagree with Anna’s references to Kanye being a “cultural provocateur” her references to Kim as having “strength of character” and enough “real guts” to create “a place for herself in the glare of the world’s spotlight.

I think if Ms Wintour has to defend the cover this much, even she knows Vogue succumbed to

Anna Wintour is a punk and a sellout. What a joke. What used to be classy and sophisticated is now a cartoon.

Guess it takes a lot of character to pimp yourself out to an old man for the evening!

What was the whole point of deleting Kim from the photos at the Met Gala, only to end up putting her on the cover of the magazine?.

Something is definitely not right. All this time, she has said that no reality stars will ever grace the cover of Vogue and Kim's picture was cropped out of the Met Ball photos. Now, Anna is making a statement where she's praising her? It just doesn't make any sense.

Still can't figure out Wintour's endgame. Maybe Miley Cyrus is next? I had thought she didn't put Cyrus on the cover for the same basic reasons, she lacked class.

Takes a ton of "real guts" put a sex tape out on the web to get rich.. come'on Vogue. See Kim Kardashian Sex Tape Valued at $30 Million Dollars by Porn Producer + photos

Kanye West Slammed by Vogue Readers Too

By no means did Kanye West escape character assassination and criticism. In addition to being convinced, despite Anna Wintour’s editorial statement to the contrary, that Kanye coerced her into putting him and his fianceé on the cover, readers had plenty of negative things to say about him too.

He is a foul mouthed violent man and both of them are garbage.

Kanye is an ignorant delusional classless imbecile fueled by anger and rage.

Kanye BEATS photographers and teenagers... raps about skeeting down Kim's throat... Kim gets pissed on in a sex tape... scams charities... gets paid to escort... and somehow Anna Wintour thinks they are worthy of the cover of Vogue?!?! See Kim Kardashian – Kanye West Relationship NOT NEW - Don’t Be Fooled.

Readers are Following Media Coverage to Find Out the End Result

Having Kim and Kanye on the April cover of Vogue magazine has resulted in so much negative feedback that many readers question whether the controversial cover is worth all the adverse publicity it produced.

They are closely following the media coverage of the Kim Kardashian- Kanye West Vogue cover and are anxious to find out the end result in terms of cancellations and lost sales.

I really, really hope one of these sites does a feature article on how many subscribers Vogue loses because of this issue.

Anna Wintour is a liar. Can't wait to see the sales numbers. Down, down, down.

Noticed not one A-List celeb congratulated them for the cover.

They might be the world's most talked about couple, but it's not in a good way. Every opinion forum I see that talks about them, 95% of it is negative.

NOTE: The controversial April issue of Vogue magazine with Kim Kardashian and Kanye West on the cover will go on sale at newsstands nationwide on March 31. It will be available on March 24 as a digital download for the iPad, Kindle Fire, and NOOK.


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