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Kim Kardashian video game app: Another unexplained phenomenon in success?

A new video game created about Kim Kardashian is on its way to top the free app list in the Apple App Store, as it is currently at number two. While many diss Kim Kardashian because it's not politically correct to sing praises for the most famous Kardashian sister out loud, secretly she has many admirers and this new app going viral seems to be evidence of this.

'Kim Kardashian: Hollywood:' A video game from the Apple app store that is number two on the most popular list after only three weeks.

ABC News reports on July 15 that the arcade style game, called "Kim Kardashian: Hollywood," has only been available for three weeks and people are gravitating to this app in groves. In-app purchases are offered and they range from $3.99 to $59.99. The popularity of this video game is yet another unexplained phenomenon coming out of the Kardashian empire.

This is Kim Kardashian-West's life all rolled up into one video game. You rise to the height of stardom that this Kardashian sister seemed to do without so much as singing a note, or singing a note that anyone would care to hear.

She hasn't pulled off an acting gig that's remembered as monumental for its good points. She's just a beautiful woman who has publicly shared just about every aspect of her life with the public. So what's the infatuation with Kim?

Kardashian seemed to pull her popularity out of thin air because as beautiful as this woman is, she has yet to demonstrate any type of talent that people would want to pay to see. That being said, MSN News reports that the "Kim Kardashian: Hollywood" app is on its way to earn $200 million.

So what where does this app bring the user for the fantasy of walking in Kim Kardashian's shoes? You get to create your own "aspiring celebrity" and put that celebrity through all the motions that brought Kim to where she is today.

It is safe to say her infamous sex tape is not one of the venues that the app will journey through, but there are plenty of red carpet events. You can date and then dump celebrities, frequent the hottest clubs and enjoy all the clothes and accessories that Kim Kardashian is famous for.

This app is already Apple's fifth highest-grossing application and while it has its share of critics, it is also being called "addictive" by some of the fans. No matter what Kardashin-West does or where she goes, she will always have her fair share of critics, as it is the nature of the beast of fame.

While it is true that Kim rose to the top of fame without offering any talent, she is the perfect example of the American Dream. You don't pay to see her in concert or to watch her in a movie, but for some phenomenal reason people like to watch her live her every day life on her reality show "Keeping Up with the Kardashians."

Reality shows are a dime a dozen today, but the Kardashian show is constantly pushing the envelope on what they will do or say on TV. This keeps the fans coming back for more.

So what does Kim say about the astronomical success of her new video game? She is thrilled it is doing so well, but it seems she is such a hot commodity that no matter what she puts her name on these days, its a success.

Many point to Kim's mother, Kris Jenner, as the genius behind the Kardashian empire. She is their mom-manager and she has made each member of her family a household word.

If you want to experience the Kardashian lifestyle, now there's an app that will let you do just that! You can enjoy the fantasy life that Kardashian has created for herself or not!

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