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Kim Kardashian thong: Kim exposes serious cheeks in bikini thong

Kim Kardashian in a thong is the latest publicity the reality star is getting after she was photographed in Thailand wearing a skimpy bikini. USA Today reports April 9 that Kim left nothing to the imagination as she paraded around in a nude-colored bikini shamelessly showing off her full rear-end. If there was any doubt the 33-year-old had any modesty since becoming a mother, this proved otherwise.

The photos of Kim in her thong were published just days after she and the rest of her family returned from their Thai vacation. In one of the pictures, Kim is on her stomach in the sand. In another one, she's sitting on the edge of a boat with her butt hanging over the side. These are probably some of the most graphic images of Kim's body to-date.

For some reason celebrities are desperate to show off how much baby weight they can shed. It's like some sort of contest. If you want to see the Kim Kardashian thong photos, click on Daily Mail. They have various poses of Kim doing her all-important job for society. As usual, she reflects a less ridiculously unrealistic view of what women should emulate.

What is really the point of the pictures? Like most things the Kardashian family does, not a whole lot. They live in a delusional world in which being self-absorbed is key. There's no denying that as true as that might be, they are richly rewarded for their attention-getting behaviors. They've cornered that market by far better than anyone else. Perhaps the Kim Kardashian thong images are one of the most talked-about ones published.

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