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Kim Kardashian sparks firestorm on ear piercing after North’s pierced ear photo

Kim Kardashian sparks debate over ear piercing
Kim Kardashian sparks debate over ear piercing
Photo by Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images

All Kim Kardashian needs to do is post a picture and the world must weigh in. The latest picture of Kim Kardashian’s daughter North has fans upset and drawing the line on when it is appropriate for children to have their ears pierced. According to Hollywood Life on Monday, North West was spotted with sparkly diamond studs in her newly pierced ears and it has sparked a firestorm from parents.

It’s apparent that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are spoiling their daughter just like any other parent would. Sharing the special moment of joy when their daughter hits a milestone like a first birthday seems relevant. And fans seem to appreciate that the star is offering a look, but the diamonds in the ears has some people shocked.

This question of when a child’s ears should be pierced has become a major social media discussion. Some parents don’t feel a child should have their ears pierced so young. Other folks don’t seem to mind that the piercing was done when the child was young (and would become used to the idea.)

Joining in on the discussion was Wendy Williams who asked her audience on Monday what they thought of the ear piercing. No doubt she is going to really get an earful of opinions on the matter too.

The decision to get a child’s ears pierced is personal for each family and is somewhat reflective of their family dynamics. Experts agree it is a very personal decision, but some doctors warn of potential risks in piercing ears too early. With developing immune systems, a puncture in the skin is a potential threat to get an infection. The older the child is then the safer the procedure might be.

As fans get to see North West’s pierced ears and her amazing diamond studs, they also get the chance to see how this child is being groomed to wear some of the finest jewels around.

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