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Kim Kardashian secretly hates her Vogue cover: A behind the scenes report

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Kim Kardashian secretly hates her Vogue cover, despite what she’s led the public to believe. The truth about what really happened during Kim and Kanye’s fashion shoot with Anna Wintour and her team has been revealed in March 25 behind the scenes news reports from and a pop culture/celebrity gossip site called I Want Pop.

A Snitch from the Kardashian Camp Tells All

Although Kim gushed on her Twitter account that the Vogue cover was a dream come true for her and thanked Vogue profusely, she was far from pleased with the fashion shoot. An anonymous source, purported to be someone “deep inside the Kardashian camp” revealed that Kim absolutely hated her clothes and makeup and was so devastated with the final photos that she was reduced to tears. Apparently Vogue readers weren’t the only ones unhappy with the end result. See Kim Kardashian Vogue Cover Controversy: Vogue Readers Speak Out.

Vogue Made Kim and Kanye Sign Ironclad Contracts

At first Kim and Kanye reportedly balked at the terms of the ironclad contract Vogue required them to sign which stipulated that Vogue would choose all clothes, styling and locations. It was difficult for them to relinquish all creative control because they both consider themselves to be arbiters of style and taste. But it soon became clear to them that things would be done Anna Wintour’s way or no way at all. Since they were desperate to be in Vogue they had no choice but to give in. . See Kim Kardashian Covers April Vogue: Kanye Finally Makes Kim’s Dream Come True.

Certain Conditions Had to be Met by Kanye and Kim

One condition Anna Wintour insisted on was that Kim Kardashian had to dye her blonde hair back to brunette in order to achieve a more classic look.

And although Kanye had previously made is feelings very clear about keeping baby North out of the spotlight, he had to agree to allow baby North to be photographed, too. According to the source, Kanye vehemently objected at first, but eventually gave in.

In addition, the contract Kim and Kanye signed had to remain confidential. No Kardashian family members were allowed to know about the shoot.

Kim was so desperate to appear in Vogue that she agreed to everything and persuaded Kanye to do the same. It was that, or risk losing the shoot. See Kim Kardashian Covers April Vogue: Kanye Finally Makes Kim’s Dream Come True. Still, the shoot did not unfold the way she thought.

Kim Hated Her Make-up and the Clothes She Had to Wear

Kim objected to the clothes she had to wear for the shoot and the way her makeup was done. The source said she was highly upset because she said nothing flattered the figure she worked to hard to regain since baby North was born and cried at how “unsexy” she thought she looked. Knowing Kim Kardashian she probably wanted to wear something skin tight with her breasts spilling out. She reportedly cried hysterically when the shoot was over because she hated everything they made her wear.

Kim also hated the way her makeup was done because she wanted a “statement lip” in a bold color which Anna Wintour and her team shot down.

After the cover was released, Kim sobbed to family and friends about how much she hated the Lavin dress she was ‘forced’ to wear, saying it made her look “twice the size” and made her feel “fat and frumpy.” See for yourself what all the fuss is about. See Controversial Kim Kardashian Vogue: Digital Copies Now Available

Kim allegedly told her inner circle that while getting a Vogue cover was a dream come true for her, she cringes when she looks at the pictures because she hates them so much.


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