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Kim Kardashian's wacky wedding prep: Toe lipo and a stem cell facial

Kim Kardashian's pre-wedding beauty treatments included toe lipo
Kim Kardashian's pre-wedding beauty treatments included toe lipo
Kim Kardashian/Instgram

Kim Kardashian didn't get another vampire facelift to prepare for her wedding day, but of course she had to undergo a pricey beauty treatment or two before walking down the aisle. According to a May 27 report by Hollywood Life, the reality show star stands accused of getting a "Loub job" before her wedding. She also got a facial that's not quite as bizarre as the bloody one that caused such a sensation.

The Loub job procedure gets its name from the coveted Christian Louboutin heels that so many women aspire to squeeze into. It's also being referred to as "toe lipo" because it involves sucking fat out of the feet. Most brides are too worried about squeezing into their dresses to think about the size of their feet, but of course Kim would have to have to pick a pair of designer shoes that she couldn't fit into.

A plastic surgeon revealed that the Loub job "is a procedure to remove a small bit of fat so your toes can fit better into pointy stilettos without pinching." Toe lipo is usually focused on the pesky big toe even though it's not the little piggy that hogs all the roast beef. Kim does love her high heels, so it's not hard to imagine her resorting to surgery to ensure that she can wear them.

The Cinderella surgery isn't the only cosmetic treatment that Kim allegedly underwent before her big day. According to InStyle, Kim also prepped for her wedding by paying a visit to Beyonce's dermatologist for a VIP facial. This was the closest Kim would get to Queen Bey before her wedding day since the singer decided to skip the ceremony.

Kim Kardashian's wax-like skin always looks smooth and tight, so most women likely wonder why the pore-less wonder thought that she needed to do something special to her face before her big day. It's probably just because Kim is a perfectionist – nothing is ever good enough for her (watch out, Kanye). She opted to try Dr. Harold Lancer's $550 stem-cell facial instead of another infamous vampire facelift.

The name of this treatment might also sound a little strange, but no human stem cells are used. The exhausting facial starts out with an intense cleansing session that includes extractions and exfoliation, and this is followed by a rose oil–coated sheet mask. The final step is the application of Dr. Lancer's Lift Serum Intense, a $275 product that contains plant stem cells. It's slathered on the skin and an LED light is used to help the product really sink in.

The results of the stem cell facial are evident in Kim's wedding photos, but the over-sharer hasn't yet posted a pic of her pedicure or her shoes for everyone to scrutinize. If she does, get ready for the before and after lipo photos of her poor big toe.

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