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Kim Kardashian's Krazy Wedding Demands

Kim Kardashian's Krazy Wedding Demands
Photo by Rich Polk

Did Kim Kardashian refuse to let her brother Rob participate in her wedding because he was too fat and didn't fit into his expensive designer tux? Did Kim Kardashian get mad at one of her friends for getting married the day after her? Did Kim have crazy demands for Kanye concerning their prenuptial agreement? Those are the rumors floating around out there. How much truth is there to these rumors? Your guess is as good as mine.

It was rumored that Rob Kardashian left his sister Kim's wedding because Kim thought he was too fat and was embarrassed for him to be seen at her wedding. Other reports claim that Rob left Kim's wedding early because he thought Kim's whole entire wedding and attitude was so superficial. Rob was tired of all the Kardashian obsession with glamour and fame and being popular. Rob was fed up. As for whether Kim didn't want Rob in her wedding because he was too fat, well who knows. Kim may be a little into herself but I think she cares deeply for her brother and I don't think she would hurt him this way.

There was a rumour circulating that Kim wasn't happy about her friend getting married the day after her. Maybe Kim wanted all the attention to be on her. And this took away from her big day and fantasy dream wedding. But it was her big day she deserved to be the star. The center of attention.

Many magazines did report that Kim did have crazy demands for Kanye for their prenuptial agreement. She wanted to make sure she got a good chunk of change if they were ever divorced. Kanye believed that Kim makes enough money on her own and didn't agree with all the stipulations of her agreement. Kanye also put a clause in the prenup about if Kim cheats on him, then she is entitled to less money because she cheated on husband Kris Humphries with him(Kanye.) Now Kim may want a part of Kanye's empire if they ever break up but in a way she is entitled to it. I mean she is putting up with Kanye West. That's a chore within its self. She should be applauded for putting up with his diva behavior. Kim may be a diva too but she deserves some of Kanye's fortune if they part because she is his wife and is the mother of his child. He should take care of her for life. But Kim will always be able to support herself. She has proved that time and again. You have to at least appreciate Kim's work ethic. No one works harder than her. She is a smart and successful business woman. One thing Kim may not be is lazy. Kim may be a diva but you can't help but love her. She is very family oriented and you have to appreciate that in a person. No matter what happens Kim will always come out on top.

Last but not least Kim and Kanye's wedding picture where they are kissing in front of a background wall of beautiful white flowers is the most liked picture on Instagram. The wedding picture has the most likes for a picture on Instagram than any other picture ever put on Instagram. That says something. Some may say people hate Kim. But it seems that the world loves Kim Kardashian. And what's not to love. She is a good woman with a big heart. Some might say she is spoiled but Kim is still beloved by the public. She was the most hated woman after her divorce from Kris Humphries. Everybody thought she was a fraud and Kim thought she would be hated forever. But it looks like the world has warmed up to Kim Kardashian again. Kim is popular again and in demand and people still love her. But Kim is an easy person to love. So, it's good to see Kim happy again and it's good to see her krazy in love.