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Kim Kardashian's hard hat new fashion trend? Protects noggin for NYC house hunt

Kim Kardashian really working hard at looking for new digs in NYC!
Kim Kardashian really working hard at looking for new digs in NYC!
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When Kim Kardashian paired her skin tight dress with a yellow workman’s hard hat she wasn’t making a fashion statement, she was on the hunt for a new home, one that was apparently still under construction in NYC. Kim and Kanye West are in desperate need for a new home on the East Coast as Kanye’s previous bachelor pad isn’t big enough for the family of three when they jet into the Big Apple, according to People Magazine on June 28.

Anytime Kim Kardashian does something in public, there’s quite the circus that follows her. When Kim, her mother Kris Jenner and sister, Kendall Jenner, took a tour of some available real estate in the city, they had a whirlwind of people around them.

According to Page Six, Kim is looking for a NYC home with "privacy." NYC and "privacy" don't usually go hand and hand. Out in the Arizona desert maybe she'd find privacy, but Mid-Town Manhattan is about as congested as it gets!

The Soho bachelor pad that Kanye owns has outgrown its usefulness for the family so bigger and better is on the horizon for the reality show queen. What did Kim check out as possible new digs for her, Kanye and baby North?

A Greenwich Village townhouse with six bedrooms, seven baths, a private garden and parking inside the building was one of the properties she took a gander at. Private parking is a big criteria for Kim’s house hunting. The townhouse in the village is going for $17.25 million.

Next on Kim’s list was a penthouse with a private pool. This penthouse had a 1,500-sq-ft terrace for $12.99 million. Right now Kim, Kanye and North don’t have a home of their own to stay in.

They are living with mom, Kris, in L.A. while their Bel Air mansion is under renovations. They just purchased that home in January with the plans to have a complete overhaul on the place before they move in. Six months later, they are still living with mom.

Kanye also owns a home in L.A. which he quipped that they intend to keep to store Kim’s excessive wardrobe in. He said this in a joking manner during the interview they did for Vogue in April.

So does anyone feel sorry for Kim walking along the hot streets of NYC to check out a penthouse under construction? It had to be hot under that bright yellow construction hard-hat!

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