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Kim Kardashian’s dentist selling judgment for her unpaid bill

Kim Kardashian
Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

Kim Kardashian’s dentist is trying to sell a judgment he won in court after the reality star did not pay her bill. TMZ reports on Wednesday that Dr. Craig Gordon hopes to profit from her fame and mentions someone will be interested in buying the judgment from him. This is not the only problem that Kardashian is facing, and she is also letting her lawyer deal with Andrey Hicks.

Gordon shares that Kardashian never paid her dental bill, and he was able to win a judgment in court because she did not come to the hearing. The initial amount of the judgment was $1,605.73, but it has grown to $3,486.85 after penalties. However, the dentist wants to sell it for at least $13,000 and mentions there may be fans who would want a check with Kardashian’s name on it.

The dentist is not the only issue that Kardashian is currently involved in, and her lawyer has sent a letter to deny allegations of an affair with Andrey Hicks. He claims that the reality star did not have a brief relationship with Hicks while she was engaged and refers to him as a liar. Hicks is currently in jail for running a fake hedge fund and taking money from multiple people including Kris Humphries.

Kardashian has not responded to either Gordon or Hicks and seems content to let her lawyer handle Hicks while ignoring the dentist. Despite his plans to make additional money from the judgment by finding someone who wants the Kardashian name on a check, there is no guarantee Gordon will discover a fan willing to pay extra. Some memorabilia websites online list Kardashian’s photo and autograph for $100 to $200. Although a check from a judgment will be worth more, it is difficult to predict the exact amount.

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