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Kim Kardashian ring: New selfie shows off wedding band and makeup free Kim

Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian shared a selfie today and fans are loving it. The best part is that they got a glimpse of her wedding band and also a makeup free Kim. On Monday, E! Online shared the photo that Kim sent out to the world and this girl still looks great without the makeup on her face.

She was out with her friend Blac Chyna. This was posted on her Instagram while they had a day out just the girls. In this picture, Kim did not have on her big wedding ring but just her simple band. It is a diamond-encircled Lorraine Schwartz and it looks gorgeous. She could not be happier as a married woman.

Fans of "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" will want to keep an eye out for Kim preparing for the wedding. The previews showed that we will get to see her dress and more which makes for an exciting season of the show. New episodes air on Sunday night.