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Kim Kardashian: Reality TV star shedding more than just pounds

Kim Kardashian, reality TV star of the hit show “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” has been critiqued once again in the public eye. Many photographers, fans as well as family, friends and Kim herself has noticed that although she shed all her baby weight from her pregnancy and has gotten her svelte figure back again she is facing another dilemma, hair loss.

Kardashian sheds pounds and hair!
Jason Merritt / Getty Images

Photos of Kim have shown that she isn’t just experiencing a hormonal imbalance that occurs after pregnancy and when a person sheds too much weight too fast. According to news report on Jan. 9 from the Christian Post Kim has lost an unusual amount of hair. Some of this hair loss may be caused from wearing hair extensions and having a weave put in that puts extreme pressure on not just the scalp but the individual hairs as well. At times these hair salon treatments can hinder hair growth instead of aiding to re-growth of new hair.

Photos: The amount of hair loss around her scalp is extreme!

Or could Kim’s issue be something entirely different. If would be prudent on her part to make an appointment with her physician to have a blood test done soon. Hair loss is also a side effect of a thyroid problem. In most cases if the thyroid levels are not level a little pill can be prescribed to return her hormones back to a normal level hence giving her hair loss a chance to reverse itself or at least prevent it from occurring as fast as it seems to be shedding.

Hoping that you will be okay and that the hair loss problem will go away shortly!

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