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Kim Kardashian photoshopped and accused of butt implants

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Kim Kardashian calls out to the tabloids recently shaming them on accusing her of having butt implant-injections. She tweeted to her millions of followers that she is seeing all of the nonsense in the tabloids and they should get a life. Kardashian added that it wasn’t fare comparing her pre-baby body to her post baby body. She admitted that she was 15 pounds skinnier in the tabloids before picture.

She goes on to say that she does still have some weight to lose but anyone who has had a baby knows how hard it is to shed that baby weight; especially since your body completely changes after having a baby. Kim Kardashian added that she knows she is not perfect but to criticize someone for gaining weight, then trying to lose the weight is shameful.

The butt implants aren’t the only thing Kim Kardashian is confronting the tabloids about this week. Kardashian was not impressed when she found out OK! Magazine had photoshopped her sweater. On the cover of OK! Magazine, Kim Kardashian is wearing a blue cropped sweater when in reality her sweater is gray. She also Tweeted a photo of her actual sweater to compare the one from the magazine and the original.

There isn’t a time when Kim Kardashian isn’t in the limelight for something or other. She even still gets surprised sometimes at what lengths the tabloids will go through to create a story on her. This fashion diva also added that she will not be conforming to the society “skinny standards” because that is not her.