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Kim Kardashian panics during fish pedicure in Mykonos, Greece

On May 2, Kim Kardashian made news after she and sister Kourtney indulged in a beauty treatment in Greece. That treatment, however effective, had an icky factor attached to it since the alternative pedicure involved the use of fish. Live fish.

Presenting Kim Kardashian before her fish pedicure in Greece
Getty Images/Alberto E. Rodriguez

According to The New York Daily News, the fish were swimming at Kim's feet in order "to eat away at dead skin." This caused a queasy and very pregnant Kimmy to squeal like a little girl while her more chill sister didn't even make a peep as she duplicated the same process that Kim experienced.

Both were at the mercy of what are called doctor fish, which are actually toothless carp that enjoy the occasional human nibble.

No matter.

Even though this particular beautification process is not considered safe in the States, it is obviously OK in Greece and enjoyed by many who visit Mykonos like Kim did with her family.

The small screen clan were in Greece to tape upcoming scenes set to air on this coming season's "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" TV show. Kanye West reportedly showed up for part of the California reality show family's experience in these beautiful islands, but the rapper and father to the baby Kim will deliver apparently only stayed in Mykonos for a short time.

Still, Kim Kardashian kept herself busy while luxuriating during her working holiday. And, yes, she and sister Kourtney took part in a radical beauty treatment known as a fish pedicure while in Greece, giving these siblings something to text home about in great detail and with lots of colorful anecdotes. Travel on, Kardashian women.


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