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Kim Kardashian lets Kanye West inspect her for imperfections?

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Kim Kardashian has made no secret of her desire to be attractive at all times for Kanye West. However, is she so desperate for his approval that she even lets him inspect her for physical flaws? According to an OK! Magazine article posted on Friday, July 11, the answer is yes.

According to an insider, Kim's marriage to Kanye is hardly loving as Kanye pretty much only sees her only as an object. The source pointed out that all Kanye publicly talks about is how great Kim looks, rather than the less superficial details of their relationship, such as what they do to unwind, their favorite movies or their favorite restaurants. The source maintains that the only thing that interests Kanye is how Kim looks and her keeping up with and expanding her business empire.

The source claims that Kim is so desperate for Kanye's approval that she spends thousands of dollars a month on things such as Botox, fillers and high-end beauty products. She also lets him dress her up in various outfits like his own personal doll and when not with him, sends photos of her potential outfits for his approval. She even supposedly lets Kanye inspect her body once a week for imperfections and if he finds anything, immediately books an appointment with a doctor to get it fixed!

Statements from both Kim and Kanye certainly haven't done much to dispel the notion that their relationship is all about their image. After their honeymoon in Ireland, Kanye revealed at a convention that they spent four days trying to edit the photo of them having their first kiss against a wall of flowers to perfection and that Kim was "exhausted" from trying to get it right. He also praised Kim for being the woman whose photos he looks at the most and who turns him on the most.

Kim herself admitted that after giving birth to her daughter North and regaining her pre-baby body, she just wants to be seen as sexier than ever. She confessed during a magazine interview that she wants to be seen as a MILF. If the Kim Kardashian and Kanye West marriage lasts into old age, it'll likely surprise a lot of people!