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Kim Kardashian, Kanye West having 2 wedding ceremonies: 1 real, 1 fake

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It appears that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West may be having two separate weddings this weekend -- one in Italy and one in France, one real, one fake. According to a May 23 report from which usually has the inside track on the Kardashian clan, two wedding venues have been prepared -- one in France at the Palace of Versailles and one in Italy at the 16th century Forte di Belvedere.

One ceremony is real, but the other may be just for show

One wedding ceremony is said to be the real deal, and is to be an intimate and private ceremony attended by less than 100 family members and friends. The other ceremony, speculated to be fake, will be done primarily for show and will be taped by E TV network for a 2-part reality TV special. But no one seems to be sure which is which.

Further adding to the confusion are May 23 reports from and other news media that one wedding may be disguised as a rehearsal or pre-wedding dinner and tour, while the other ceremony may be disguised as a reception following the main event. The purpose of the deception is said to be to confuse the paparazzi.

The event at the Palace of Versailles

Part of the confusion stems from the fact that a number of media outlets and celebrity gossip sites adamantly insist that the wedding is taking place at the Palace of Versailles despite an official statement from Palace spokespersons saying that Kim and Kanye had been denied permission to get married there. Furthermore, it was reported that Kim and Kanye would not be able to marry in Paris because French government officials refused to waive the 40-day residency requirement despite the couple’s celebrity status. So if there is a wedding ceremony in Paris, it won’t be legal. It will be just for show.

Photos confirm that flowers were delivered by the truckload to the Palace of Versailles throughout the day on Friday. Signs were posted stating that the Palace would be closed for a special event. Since pictures were published showing the stage setting and the seating arrangements at Versailles, it seems obvious that something is taking place – though it’s unclear exactly what. The sky over the palace was designated as a no-fly zone to insure that no unauthorized photos will be taken, and 600 guests reportedly arrived in a convoy consisting of 90 black town cars and SUV’s.

The event at Italy’s Forte di Belvedere

Adding to the confusion is the fact that Elisa de Lupo, a spokesperson from the mayor’s office in Florence, Italy confirmed that a $410,000 deposit was made to rent the 16th century Forte di Belvedere for Kim and Kanye’s wedding ceremony. Arrangements are said to have been made for a Protestant minister to preside.

Guests were reportedly requested to assemble in Paris for the rehearsal dinner after which some, or all of would be flown to Florence, Italy on a fleet of private planes for the wedding ceremony itself. It’s now being reported that two separate wedding ceremonies are taking place this weekend. No one knows for sure if this is true, and if so, which ceremony is the real thing.

Wedding confusion reigns supreme

Other sources maintain that the actual marriage ceremony will take place in Paris tonight and the reception will be held in Italy tomorrow. It has also been reported that even Kim Kardashian herself has been kept in the dark about the true location and time of when and where her own wedding is actually taking place.

At this point, the only thing we know for sure is that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West will be getting married this weekend in Italy or France – or maybe both.