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Kim Kardashian Hollywood: Men are addicted to Kim’s video game too

A surprising number of men have found themselves addicted to Kim Kardashian’s video game.  What’s even more surprising is the reason why men say they’re just as fascinated as women are by Kim Kardashian Hollywood.  Details below.
Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

One of the most surprising things about the addictive nature of Kim Kardashian Hollywood is that men are addicted to Kim’s wildly popular video game too. According to China Topix on August 8, Kim’s brother Rob Kardashian is among the countless numbers of men, both straight and gay, who have found themselves hooked on Kim’s namesake video game. What’s even more interesting is the reason why, as reported by on August 7.

Though the majority of people playing Kim Kardashian Hollywood are female, the game does not market itself specifically to women. A person can play as either sex. Dating is an integral part of the game and one’s personal celebrity character or avatar can date members of the same or opposite sex. In addition to dating, the plot involves frequent clothing changes, posing for pictures, and being seen in the right places, all while trying rise from the E list to the A list while garnering the maximum number of fans. See Kim Kardashian Video Game Addictive Even to Those Who Aren't Kardashian Fans.

Surprisingly, the costuming or “dress-up” nature of Kim Kardashian Hollywood seems to be the biggest draw for the majority of men. The game is described as being very heavily into clothing, alerting you when you attain each level that you have new outfits available.

Whether their celebrity character is male or female, men enjoy playing “dress-up” with their character, or regularly changing their character’s virtual clothes. One man, who is playing Kim’s video game as a female admits that he changes his celebrity character’s outfits at least once a day, “pants and tees for the day, and dresses for the evening.” One man, who’s playing as a man expressed disappointment that the outfit choices for his celebrity character are not more diverse. Another man had similar issues with the male clothing choices, saying that he was hoping that by playing as a male he would have the opportunity to dress his character in the kind of crazy outfits, masks and Givenchy clothing that Kanye wears.

The more expensive your character’s clothing, the faster and higher your character can advance in the game. But it can cost real money to buy your character higher quality virtual clothes. One article summed it up by saying that the ultimate appeal of Kim Kardashian Hollywood is similar for woman as well as men: the ability to play, superficially, symbolically, with identity and self-presentation. This is why the “dress-up aspect of the game is its biggest draw. See Kim Kardashian Video Game Addictive Even to Those Who Aren't Kardashian Fans.

One male player of Kim Kardashian Hollywood admits that although Kim’s video game is probably the shallowest thing he ever encountered, he can’t really help himself. He says he got hooked when his girlfriend downloaded Kim Kardashian Hollywood onto his phone while he was asleep.

Another male player confessed, “All you’re doing is sitting there and mindlessly tapping the screen. There’s not even any strategy, really. But there’s something so addicting about every time I get one of the ‘feed updates’ and watch my fan count go up and my ranking rise. " See Kim Kardashian Video Game Addictive Even to Those Who Aren't Kardashian Fans.

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