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Kim Kardashian hits car: Both cars damaged, no one injured

Kim Kardashian
Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for EJAF

When Kim Kardashian hits a car, it makes headlines almost instantly. On March 11, TMZ reported that Kim Kardashian was driving down Sunset Blvd. in her Mercedes G and was trying to make a left at an intersection. A car coming in the opposite direction had its turn signal on to take a right -- but the person driving did not take a right and Kim ended up smashing right into them.

According to sources who witnessed the accident, no one was injured in the crash and no one received a ticket (it is unclear if police even responded to the accident).

After Kim Kardashian hit the other car, both cars drove to the nearby Beverly Hills Hotel where they could inspect the damage and exchange information. Apparently both cars were damaged in the crash but it was not too significant -- and evidently the other driver forgave Kim. The two hugged each other "goodbye" according to TMZ.

It is unknown if Kim's daughter, North West, was in the car with her at the time of the accident.

Needless to say, accidents happen. This wasn't Kim's first crash and it likely won't be her last. The important thing is that no one was hurt.

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