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Kim Kardashian hastily leaves Opera Ball after hearing racial slur

The Vienna annual Opera Ball didn’t go as planned. According to Celebuzz, Feb. 28, 2014, Kim Kardashian storms away from the ball after hearing a racial slur.

NEW YORK, NY - FEBRUARY 16: Kim Kardashian attends Generation NXT Charity Benefit at 1OAK on February 16, 2014 in New York City.
Photo by Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images

Kim gave an interview to an Austrian newsperson. The interview started out fine. Kim’s impression of the Opera ball was, "It's definitely the most gorgeous thing ever. It's so much bigger and more grand than I imagined it to be, so we're really excited to be here." When asked how long it took her to get ready for the occasions, she responded that it took her around 90 minutes. The interviewer would ask the questions in English, and then relay something in German to the listening audience.

Kris Jenner made comments on Kim being a prankster and Kim told about being on the Atkins diet and how hard she had to work to lose the baby weight.

The interviewer questioned her about baby North West and whether Kanye helped changed any diapers or nappies. Kris started to respond that Kanye does indeed change diapers, but Kim quickly cut her mother off, by saying that she didn’t want to talk baby stuff.

The interviewer turned to comedian Oliver Pocher. After asking him a few questions in German, she asked if he was going to dance. Oliver answered, "We're going to dance, we're going to wait for Ni**gas in Vienna."

It was right after that racial comment that Kim and Kris hastily left the Opera Ball. Kim attended the Opera Ball with Richard Lugner who paid her $500,000 to be his date. One can only wonder if Kim will attend another function as a paid date. What will Kanye's reaction be to the events of the Vienna annual Opera Ball?

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