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Kim Kardashian flaunts her in-your-face cleavage in a selfie

Kim, and gal pal Blac Chyna show off their cleavage and their abs.
Kim, and gal pal Blac Chyna show off their cleavage and their abs.
Kim Kardashian Instagram screenshot

Kim Kardashian can’t wait to show off her rack, it seems. On Jan. 4 she posted a cleavage picture on Instagram with her gal pal, Blac Chyna. In the image, the pals were showing off their work out attire and well, their boobs. Kim Kardashian was sporting a boob-popping sports bra and black cropped workout pants; she posted these revealing pictures on Instagram to prove that with hard work, you can achieve a rocking hot bod even after having a baby.

The caption read ‘getting fit for the new year'. The selfie also showed the friends showing off their butts. The picture showed Kim, in amazing shape with her abs clearly showing. She seems to really enjoy working out, as this is the fourth picture this year she has released featuring her at the gym.

Later in the day, Kim was seen with her fiancé, Kanye West shopping. She showed her face in all natural as in no make-up and still in her workout clothes. The star said she will be getting more ‘fit’ in 2014. She was said to be following a low carb diet, Atkins, in hopes of shedding the last ten pounds.

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