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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West buy $20 million estate in Calabasas Hills

Kim and Kanye
Kim and Kanye
Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images

Kim Kardashian will soon be an estate owner. The reality star and her husband, Kanye West, are reportedly ready to move out of Kris Jenner's house into a sprawling place of their own. On Aug. 6, MSN reported that the French country-style home is situated on three acres in the hills of Calabasas -- not far from where Kardashian's mother lives. Of course this was key for Kardashian -- she said that she wanted to remain close to Jenner, likely because of her 1-year-old daughter, North.

Apparently the estate has its own vineyard -- Kimye wine coming soon? -- and a huge kitchen complete with three islands. There are three master bedrooms in the 8,000-square-foot pad, which is definitely fit for royalty. In addition, there are eight bedrooms and ten bathrooms.

Kardashian's estate is unbelievably beautiful, and will only make you envy her even more! Thanks to, photos of the luxurious mansion have been revealed. Everything is fresh, clean, and light -- very open and airy. The outside of the house is just as luxurious as the inside, with 1,000 square feet of entertaining space, two swimming pools, at least one fountain, and two spas.

The home was listed for sale at $22 million, but it's not clear what Kimye offered. What is clear is that they are going to be living the high life, in style, to say the very least.

Kardashian and West wouldn't buy anything less than an estate, so their enormous purchase isn't really surprising. Kardashian is one of the most successful reality TV stars and West, one of the most successful rappers. Together the couple are worth millions and millions... and they both like the best of the best.