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Kim Kardashian ditches the blonde look

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Since rising to superstardom, Kim Kardashian has taken great pride in being a fashionista and trend setter. However, this aspect of her career has been lost as her fiery romance with Kanye has taken the spotlight. Yet, it looks like she is trying to get back to her traditional look. According to a Feb 2 story by Perez Hilton, the star recently posted an Instagram that showed she has ditched her blonde color for a darker shade of brunette.

While she has been a brunette for most of her time in the public eye, she recently experimented with a blonde look. Yet, it seems that blondes do not have more fun because the star is going back to her roots. Kanye has yet to remark on the change, and we can only wonder what role he had in the sudden change.

What do you think of Kim’s new look? Should she have stayed blonde or does her natural color better compliment her?