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Kim Kardashian cuts her hair shorter as wedding approaches

Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian's Twitter

Kim Kardashian has sported her long hair for quite some time. When she became a mother, she tried dying her hair blonde but she quickly went back to brown again. In other words, she isn't too eager to try something new with her hair. However, she is changing things now because she is about to get married and she could have thought about her future with potential children. According to a new US Weekly report published on March 17, Kim Kardashian is now showing off her new shorter hair, something she will be sporting at her wedding in France in about two months.

This week, she revealed a new haircut, which is just a little longer than shoulder length. And it sounds like she is digging the haircut. Of course, she is all about showing off designer labels and clothes, so she showed off her new crop with a skirt and a fitted top. "A trend I've been really loving right now is bodycon-style skirts and dresses!" she wrote has revealed on her own website. "They can easily show off your curves and flatter any body type."

It sounds like Kim just wanted something new for herself before she got married. It sounds like Kanye may have influenced her, as he is always encouraging her to try something new. What do you think?