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Kim Kardashian: Convict says affair – Kardashian lawyer outraged at accusation

Kim Kardashian seems to have hit the spot light once again. This time it is over an alleged affair with Andrey Hicks who currently is in prison having been caught and convicted of a hedge fund scheme where he stole approximately $2.3 million dollars from investors. One of those investors was his friend, Kris Humphries.

Kardashian lawyer outraged at thought of scandal
Pascal Le Segretai / Getty Images

The news started spreading yesterday from TMZ that Andrey Hicks has proof he had an affair with Kim Kardashian. He claims he is in possession of an email that Kim supposedly sent to him acknowledging it is true. According to Kim Kardashian’s lawyer, Marty Singer who also represents many other big name celebrities says all accounts of this alleged affair are totally false.

Marty Singer is outraged at the accusation and is being quite verbal with his remarks about Andrey Hicks. He is referring to him as a “swindling convict and a liar.” It seems unbelievable that something this extreme can be coming to light now after so much time has passed.

From Andrey’s point of view the affair occurred when Kim was engaged to Kris and while they were in Monaco had an argument during their trip. He claims that Kim took the first step and wanted to speak with him alone and then one thing led to another on the secluded grounds of the villa Kim and Kris were staying at.

Andrey seems to have spun a story that fans will be gossiping about for quite some time and looking to see what the final verdict is; true or false. Marty Singer is putting his law degree into action and demanding proof of this so called email he claims he received from Kim and wants it verified to prove it is a fake. Kim, of course denies all of it. Now there is a request for a polygraph with hopes that it will reveal the truth behind this situation and prove it's fake and possibly just a publicity stunt Andrey Hicks thinks will get him positive notoriety despite the fact that he is serving his time in prison and is now a convicted felon of theft and fraud.

Good luck Kim – hope your lawyer can get to the bottom of this and clear your name!

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