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Kim Kardashian can’t wait to take North West around the world

Kim Kardashian's daughter North West
Kim Kardashian's daughter North West
Kim Kardashian's Twitter

Kim Kardashian seems to be taking some time off after becoming a mother. Kim and Kanye discovered that they were pregnant while filming the show, “Keeping Up with the Kardashians,” but Kim kept the pregnancy a secret until she was at least 12 weeks pregnant. During the summer last year, she gave birth to her daughter, North. According to a new Us Weekly report published on Jan. 16, Kim Kardashian is now revealing that she can’t wait to show her daughter the world when she grows up.

Even though Kim has slowed down on her work load doesn’t mean that she is slowing down when it comes to living her life. She is planning on traveling the world with her daughter once she becomes a little older. She has been traveling a bit because of Kanye’s tour shortly after her birth, but there are plenty of trips to look forward to.

"I want her to travel a lot," Kim has revealed. "I think it's important to see different cultures and lifestyles. I didn't start traveling internationally until I was a bit older, and I learned so much. I can't wait to show her the world." And it sounds like she loves being a mother and spending time with her daughter. "I love cuddling!" she said in response to another fan question. "We cuddled and played all day."

What do you think of Kim as a mother? Do you think she has changed?