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Kim Kardashian blonde wig selfie more popular than World Cup news

Kim Kardashian blonde wig steals World Cup media thunder
Kim Kardashian blonde wig steals World Cup media thunder
Kim Kardashian / Instagram

With the entire globe's incredible fascination with the World Cup 2014 news today (June 26), one would think that it should squash all the Kim Kardashian hoopla for a little while. According to a new Time Magazine report on Google News Trends Kim Kardashian is still the one. While Kim Kardashian is more highly searched than Cristiano Ronaldo througout the year—she is as widely read about as the World Cup. Hard to believe, but yes, the globe is very much dominated by Kim Kardashian news.

According to the Google data research conducted, beginning in the year 2004, interest in Kim has been virtually as extraordinary as superstar soccer player Cristiano Renaldo during the 2010 and 2014 World Cups.

In today’s major World Cup news, Portugal's forward Cristiano Ronaldo took his team to victory with a 2-1 win over Ghana in Group G. Portugal has now been eliminated from World Cup competition. It is remarkable, but this Ronaldo World Cup news is trumped by one Internet sensation named Kim Kardashian.

Making just as big of a headline today, as reported by Us Magazine, Kim Kardashian confirms that her blonde hair photographed in a Courtney Stodden style selfie, is indeed a wig. It doesn’t hurt that fans from around the world are going ravenous over the possible appearance of a nipple flash in the Instagram picture either. Her blonde wig is very good and convincing, by the way.

In Hollywood, many celebrities love to tap into the goldmine of opportunities to be associated with the World Cup. Stars like Josh Duhamel, Justin Timberlake, Ashton Kutcher, Will Ferrell, and Hugh Jackman have used social media to be linked to the publicity goldmine. The Kardashian-West clan--not so much. They just walk out of a restaurant in the Meat Packing District in NYC and they grab more paparazzi photos and Daily Mail posts than the World Cup.

Cristiano and World Cup news is always way up every few years during the games. However, Kim maintains her status of Queen of the Internet every day, on average. Yes it is true and hard to believe, but Kim Kardashian celebrity news on the web is as big as the swelling surge of interest in the massive World Cup games.

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